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Welcome to my Art Page


                               "Garrison Horse Farm"



"Mary Knoll"
20" x 25 1/2"


IMG_0491 (3).JPG

                          "Spotted Owl"
       Finc Art on Rock, Pen & Ink and Acrylic
                             3 1/2" x 6"


                                              "Purple Reverie
                                                     16" x 20"

                                        "Blue Heron"
                         Fine Art, Pen and Ink and Acrylic

                  Fine Art on Rock, Pen & Ink and Acrylic


Wine Bottles.jpg

"                              Wine Bottles"
                                   16" x 20"

TEATOWN TRAIL - for galleries.JPG

                                   "Teatown Trail"
                                          16"x 20"


                                            "Hudson River"
                                                Pen & Ink
                                              9 1/2" x 15 1/2"





                                   13" x 25"


                                       "Mary Knoll"
                                         20" x 25 1/2" 


Half Moon Shadow.jpg

                                   Half-Moon Shadow

                                       Exhibited at:

            Albany Institute of History & Art Museum 2009-2014


                                   "Purple Reverie"
                                             16" x 20


                                            NAOMI E. KENNEDY





Ms. Kennedy, born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, NY studied Music and Music Therapy at Queens and Queensborough Colleges.  Naomi earned her BA in Art and Journalism from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. She can be found on location painting along the Hudson River Valley or at home working from her own photography. She has impressionistically captured the Hudson Valley with her landscapes and seascapes. Bold abstracts reflect her passion for life.  Her still life-abstracts begin with rudimentary subjects and end in flights of fantasy. Her travel-worn Canon AE1 chronicles the Hudson Valley infrastructure and wildlife.  Ms. Kennedy resides in Cornwall, New York where she conducts art lessons in her studio. Naomi served as President of Valley Artists Association.  She is an award-winning novelist, a freelance art news reporter, a poet, and jazz vocalist.  Urban Attic Design in Chelsea, NYC, Cornell Gallery in Pleasantville, NY, and 21st Century Gallery in Nyack, New York. are amongst the galleries that have represented her.

Artist Statement


As many artists before me have been drawn to the Hudson Valley, there will be many after me. I became an artist because of the spectacular Hudson Valley. Everywhere you look there is remarkable scenery. When I consider a new painting, I navigate terrain through my camera's eye, photograph every detail, paint outdoors for 3-4 sittings, and finish painting in my studio while referring to my photographs. My landscapes are created on canvas with a passion I never experienced before in life. There is so much to drink in and capture. My choice of medium is often acrylic because of its versatility. It has the density of oils as well as the transparency of watercolors. In recent years I've been captivated by pen & ink, the medium that our beloved historic artists used. Black and white photography speaks for itself. It's simple, crisp and clear. I favor this form when one or more of these conditions exist: inclement weather, infrastructural settings, exceptional and odd sites, and people's countenances. Pastels are rich in hue and I become filled with pleasure as each layer is applied. In all my work, continuity, shapes and forms, composition and color, are essential to my creative process. Often people approach me claiming that they wish they could paint or draw, but they feel that they have no talent. I encourage all people to create art through any medium whether it be writing poetry, music, or painting. There is an inherent talent in all of us.


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