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The Seventies

I feel like I’m looking from the outside in

I was wild

Was this really me?

I smoked pot

I got up at noon, ate Sloppy Joes for breakfast

And in the evening sang Grace Slick’s “White

Rabbit” in bars

The seventies


Friends home from Viet Nam

Lost their soul

I was confused

They were confused

The world was confused


Woodstock explained and examined

The truth of a generation

Searching for something

A way to understand

Some through drugs, some though “free love”


I watched from the window of my college

Cops breaking up riots

Kids with psychedelic signs, “Make Love, Not War”

I felt scared, the world had gone crazy

My world had gone crazy


My mom just died

My dad just drank

My sister fled

My cousin went underground

I smoked pot

I drank wine


To the seventies!

“Hear, Hear!”


1960. Milk bottles outside our front door
Noc hockey waiting in the school yard
Friends collecting beetles in jars
And afterwards a dose of Donna Reed

 1960. Waiting for the car pool of daddies 
To return at 6pm
Our liver dinners ready to eat
And after, the Million Dollar Movie 

Clotheslines in the back.
Children playing jacks.
Parents unaware.
Without a care.


1960. It was easy. It was happy

It was simple. It was Howdy Doody Time
It was our life back in 1960.


A Mother's Love, A Country Falling Apart

I clutched my heart
As the poet recited his heart
A heart filled with grief 
Black Lives Matter

He clutched his heart 
With his voice
And spoke of his mother’s love for this poet
“Do not leave this earth”, she cried

“Be careful my son, my children
For this country has left us
Beyond a poem
Beyond my heart”


One Man's Sickness

Everything is still beautiful, isn’t it?

The trees are sprinkled with left over autumn leaves

The air still feels fresh and untarnished

The birds are still dancing to their rhythm

The pond’s ice is still green with moss


But the outrage of yesterday’s injustice is here 

And will be, forever


They stormed into our Capitol

They entered unwelcomed, and decimated before our very eyes

An attempt to destroy our democracy

One man’s sickness and ugliness

Another man’s challenge


A nation heartbroken

A nation frightened

One man’s sickness to harm

Another man’s glory


Where are you God?

What’s next?

What does tomorrow bring?

Do you know?

A Song for My Soul, Rachmaninov

                                           A song for my soul

                                           To heal a thousand wounds

                                           Rachmaninov flows through my veins

                                           Violins soothing, and then a symphony of 


                                           Piano keys playing

                                           Caressing my soul, my heart

                                           Dancing notes frolicking round and round

                                           Deeper and deeper

                                           Probing into my thoughts

                                           Dancing and dancing

                                           The music opening and letting me breathe

                                           Sudden rushes of feet running

                                           A symphony of your heart

                                           Coming together

                                           Like floating in water, the air around me soft

                                           Soft, soft sounds, climbing slowly

                                           Reaching the heavens Rachmaninov is

                                           Pause, new peacefulness arousing me

                                           Dance joyfully with slow precise movements

                                           Wondering what will come next


                                           Faster, faster, ascending, an excitement of 

                                           beautiful sounds

                                          This way and that way, movements to and fro

                                          Again and again

                                           Forever and ever, rushes into my soul

                                           Dancing and dancing

                                           Piano keys dancing ballet so softly

                                           Ease into heavenly romance

                                           With violins and cellos conversing

                                           Piano keys floating

                                           Conclusion deep down responses reflecting

                                           Probe, probe

                                           Fade, fade

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