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A Man's Journey

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Vietnam Era.

An extremely difficult time in our country.

Life was not really simple in the 60’s (re: "1960’s"; poem). Everything was topsy- turvy. And, for those families who were directly impacted, their lives were in turmoil. The losses were great.

The Vietnam era affected all our lives in countless ways.

There were demonstrations and marches for different causes, and frequent arrests of violators. University campuses experienced chaos, and fear was rampant amongst us.

In many ways we are affected today as we were then. The pandemic has created much confusion and thought-provoking uneasiness about life.

In addition, the "Black Lives Matter" movement, (re: "A Mother's Love, A Country Falling Apart"; poem) has an historical correlation with the Martin Luther King movement/march, (re: "One Man's Sickness"; poem; our nation's Capitol insurrection; and on top of that, Russia's invasion of the Ukraine and the impact it will have on the United States. Let freedom prevail.

A great deal of time has gone by between these historical events and yet we are somehow in the same position; on opposing sides, a country divided, a civil war in our country.

"The Boy with the Best Laugh" illustrates one man's journey of hopeless escape during this horrific period, The Vietnam era.

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